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Fine Art Immersion: Little Artists Art Studio’s Artrageous Art Camp is an immersive experience in Fine Art for children 4yrs- 15yrs. Art Camp instills a love of learning and the confidence to make what exists in a child’s imagination come to life through their own hands. Teachers are passionate Art Educators with degrees in Fine Arts or Design, hailing from 12 countries. They take children on a wondrous foray into painting, sketching, sculpture and 3D projects.

Individualized & Self-Paced: Campers enjoy the individualization and going at their own pace. They are continuously discovering new facets of themselves through this creative journey. Teachers give careful
demonstrations and offer a vast range of project samples to excite Campers from clay sculptures, to charcoal sketches, to big canvases, and beyond. All materials are included. Art Camper join several times a year to create more masterpieces, because they are continually inspired to be creative.

Multi-Level Creativity & Fun Learning: Not a minute is wasted in Camp – even during their thirty-minute lunch break children are so amazed by what they learn they get inspired to try their own complex sketches and paintings. During lunch Campers eat, watch and discuss art movie clips to learn more about major artists, techniques, and movements. These clips give the Campers a chance to explore Visual Art from numerous angles - from classical to contemporary and from artists all over the world. We might start with a movie clip from Loving Vincent about Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh - a movie which was painted by hundreds of artists and then filmed as an original movie. We might then watch a clip featuring a Contemporary Chinese master calligrapher painting a classical poem with a giant brush to discuss action painting and layered meanings. We would finish with a sneak peak of modern animators at Disney creating sketch boards for Zootopia before showing vintage animation footage of Mickey Mouse to learn how lines, colors and shapes were melded together in hand drawn sketches to create beloved movies.


Images Credit: Little Artists


31 May - 15 August, time: 10:00-17:00.




from: 300 SGD
to: 850 SGD

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