Holiday Art Programs @Little Artists

Holiday Art Programs @Little Artists

Bring out the hidden artist in your child with holiday art classes.


Hone your child's artistic skills during holidays and witness how they create beautiful artworks.


For those who dream BIG and like to draw BIG…like to cover the walls of your bedroom with a spectacular and unique creation that is all YOU, this is the program for you this summer.

Go home with a BIG canvas of mermaids, superheroes or animal portraits, or whatever you fancy!


Always wanted to paint like Picasso, Monet or Van Gogh but didn’t know how? Come learn with us in an easy, step-by-step, fun way.

You will even learn to add your special touch to the classic style.


If you are in a knead, squish, mash, roll, flatten kind of mood this holiday, then clay is your medium. It’s messy, it’s creative and loads of fun!!


Let your fantasies come alive, take shape in delightful illustrations, and get carried away by colours this summer.

Step-by-step, no-fail guarantee classes that are loads of fun!


Busy, busy student bees…this is for you! Get a quick, well-guided insight into what it takes to make the cut – specially crafted for DSA/SOTA/University/Arts Colleges aspirants.


We confess – we have so many parents asking us if they can join too! This is one of our most popular (therefore, quickly filled up) courses. Call now to reserve your seat!

  • ‘WORKING WITH MEDIUMS’ –‘Junior Picasso’

A shout out to all the 6-8yr-olds!!! 3 mediums to explore, create and master!


Start them young, kindle their imagination, boost their creative juices with a summer full of art fun.

We guarantee you; they will ask for more!


If it’s 3D, perspective, buildings, structures, monuments that fascinate you, this is a chance to learn more about modern and vintage architecture.

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30 May - 10 August, See the website for the opening hours.



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