Little Footprints Preschool

Little Footprints Preschool

Set the foundation for leaders of tomorrow by nurturing young minds and cultivating strong traits and values.


At Little Footprints, they believe in walking with children, providing them with opportunities to develop into unique individuals.

Their curriculum is developmentally-appropriate and specially tailored to prepare the child for any academic and social challenges ahead. Fun and engaging lesson plans are carefully planned and executed by their team of qualified and passionate teachers to stimulate the child’s imagination and capture magical moments of learning.

It is their belief that parents are important partners in a child’s learning. Your participation in your child’s learning journey can make a big difference for your child!

Every physical space at Little Footprints Preschool is carefully designed to complement Little Footprints’ learning objectives. The incorporation of interactive and creative facilities into the school environment encourages the child to engage in activities that nurture interests, hone abilities and evoke creativity. More importantly, they work towards a providing a safe and consistent environment that can give the child a sense of assurance and allow the child to become comfortable and confident to interact with his/her peers and explore his/her surroundings.

By using age-appropriate thematic units and engaging children in purposeful activities, they want children to become active constructors of knowledge. Their in-house enrichment lessons are also an integral part of the curriculum to ensure that children reach their potential.

  • Language and Literacy - Language development is important for the progression of the child’s cognitive skills as well as social and emotional maturity. By introducing phonics and sight words to the child during his/her early years as well as grammar and creative writing in the later stages, they strengthen his/her language fundamentals which serve as a platform for future learning.
  • Numeracy - They encourage the child to explore mathematical strands and concepts – patterning, numbers, shape and space, measurement and data-handling, with the use of hands-on approach which allows him/her to learn numeracy in a fun and meaningful way.
  • Vitamin C Programme - The Vitamin C Programme is a character-building programme that is designed to help every child reach their potentials by enhancing his/her self-esteem and emphasising on lifelong values such as persistence, kindness and honesty.
  • Chinese - Introduction to second language in the early years of a child’s life increases his/her ability to learn languages as well as his/her cognitive development. By exposing the child to Chinese on a daily basis, the child develops an interest in language and literacy and an awareness of Chinese culture through songs and literature.
  • Tick Tock It’s Time To Talk - Tick Tock It’s Time To Talk creates an opportunity for the child to develop presentation skills and public speaking skills, and allows the child to take charge and have their opinions heard by their peers. At the same time, the child learns to be respectful and to show proper manners when someone else is presenting.


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Opening hours

Mon–Fri 07:00–19:00, Sat 07:00–14:00.


+65 6894 7123



551 Block 551 Woodlands Drive 44

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