Creative Programmes @ Little Forest

Creative Programmes @ Little Forest

Our creative curriculum emphasises the children's intellectual curiosity, allowing children to be creative by encouraging, stimulating children's imagination and providing opportunities for children to explore, communicate their feelings and express how they see the world and their place in it using paint, colour, movement, mime, dramatic gestures, singing or dancing.


Creative Dance

Children might not always be able to say why they’re feeling angry, depressed, happy or frightened. But in an encouraging environment, they might be able to use activities and experiences to express these feelings.

Our Creative Dance programme is based on Contemporary dance - focusing on free movement exploration and expression. Unlike conventional dance classes, there is no fixed choreography. So together with our Educators, children will explore movement and sounds and be encouraged to discover their emotions and choreograph their own piece. Children are encouraged to take ownership of their own decision and be implored them to engage their creative thinking skills through creative dance.

Twinkle Feet

  • Ages 2 to 5

A fun creative movement programme to explore movement with props, bringing awareness to self and others, and be in touch with their own emotions. 

Children continue to improve their motor skills by exploring various movement and develop cognition abilities by seeking and solving problems when faced with various props and learn ways to incorporate them into their movements.

Groove n' Moove

  • Ages 4 to 6

A high energy class perfect for your little energy bunnies! Groove to the beats and dance your hearts out. From Zumba, Hip-Hop to Jazz, you name it, we've got it.

Mummy n' Me

Perfect for Mummies who want to keep fit but your baby won't let you leave their sight - our baby-wearing classes promise to keep you on your toes, literally!

Creative Drama

Dramatic play develops imagination and helps children become creative thinkers, coming up with imaginative responses to questions and problems. Our Creative Drama programmes provides children with opportunities to build on and practise their vocabulary, use their imagination and learn about the structure of stories. Children takes on a role and look at the world from another point of view. This helps your child to make sense of the world and express their feelings.

Little Storytellers

  • Ages 3 to 6

An interactive storytelling class to promote language development and encourage self-expression through dramatic gestures, stories, mimes and singing.

Little Stars

  • Ages 4 to 6

Reach for the stars! Let your little ones dream big, sing and dance their hearts out in our special musical theatre class.

Creative Play

Creating a finished or perfect product isn’t the most important. Allowing your child to explore his creative impulses, express himself and create something is the key. Craft activities might be a bit messy, but it gives children a sense of ownership of their decisions and crafts.

Our Creative Play programmes encourages children to express their thoughts, experiences or ideas through various sensorial activities in our Nature Explorers programme and develop their sensory, fine and gross motor skills through Little Troopers programme.

Little Troopers Playgroup

  • Mini Troopers
  • Ages 6 to 18 months
  • Tiny Troopers
  • Ages 19 months to 3

Our special playgroup programme focuses on the holistic development of our infants and young toddlers by combining the various programmes in Little Forest but specially curated just for the littlest ones. 

This daily 1.5h programme provides exposure to the various elements from music, to movement and sensory play through visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning approaches which are vital to their social and emotional development.

Nature Explorers

  • Ages 4 to 6

Get your little ones outdoors and get their hands dirty! Gather leaves, twigs and seeds and see what they can create. Paint, sand, doughs, jellies and glue? Messy but awesome! ​A whole new sensorial experience for all ages bringing them outdoors and bringing nature indoors.

Creative Sports

Participating in sports helps children explore and develop skills which are beneficial throughout their lives.

Through our Creative Sports programme, children are exposed to various mental, social, emotional, physical and educational benefits such as developing their self-esteem, social skills and discipline as well as helping them understand the concept of teamwork and learning how to accept defeat gracefully at times.

Fun n' Fit

  • Ages 12 to 18 months
  • Mini Bubbles
  • Tiny Bubbles
  • Ages 19 months to 2

Designed specially for our littlest ones 2 years and below, we know how they love ball sports. ​Aimed to develop their fine and gross motor skills, little ones will be exposed to throwing, catching, rolling, jumping and tumbling and so on.

Teddy Tennis

  • Mini Teddies
  • Ages 2
  • Tiny Teddies
  • Ages 3 & 4
  • Little Teddies
  • Ages 5 & 6

Our Teddy Tennis Programme teaches tennis using the Visual Audio Kinesthetic (VAK) multi-sensory learning approach in which Music, Pictures and Stories are integrated into the training. This makes training more relatable and engaging for the little ones.

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