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Little Medical School Weekend Workshops

Little Medical School Weekend Workshops

Something EXCITING is brewing between Little Medical School and kids21club for the first time in history!


In this 3-day journey, your child gets to choose whether they want to be inspired to be a future medical practitioner OR the next veterinarian OR even both! Role-playing and learning HANDS-ON to explore the world of the professions and inspire them with no limits...

Little Doctor Workshop

Day 1 - (13th Nov)

  • Learn about first-aid & create their own first-aid kit!
  • Learn basic ways to approach common injuries
  • Understand the anatomy of the brain by building a model

Day 2 - (20th Nov)

  • Find out why mucus, burps, and boogers are important
  • Make the ooey-gooey homemade snot to take home!
  • Learn the different levels of the spine
  • Make a spine model to find out its significance

Day 3 - (27th Nov)

  • Gain an understanding of how pharmacists dispense prescriptions
  • Practice writing own prescriptions
  • Understand what it takes to become a doctor and design their future office
  • Recite the Little Medical School Oath and receive their very own Graduation Certificate!

Bring-home items:

  • White Coat (Disposable), ID badge, First Aid Kit, Brain Model and worksheet, Homemade Snot, Spine Model and worksheet, Bingo Card, Design your own office worksheet, and Graduation Certificate.

Little Veterinarian Workshop

Day 1 - (14th Nov)

  • Complete a head to tail assessment and exam on a pet
  • Learn about the importance of proper nutrition and eating proper foods in keeping a pet healthy and growing properly
  • Discuss how to make fun pet treats at home!

Day 2 - (21st Nov)

  • Learn what to do when a pet gets hurt & discuss lacerations
  • Discuss how to care for stitches
  • Learn all about ticks on pets
  • Practice ways to give your pet his tick medication

Day 3 - (28th Nov)

  • Discuss how antibodies recognize and kill germs that enter the body
  • Learn how vaccines can protect the body from getting sick
  • Design their own Veterinarian clinic
  • Graduate & receive their very own Graduation Certificate!

Bring-home items:

  • Stuffed Pet, White Coat, Adoption Certificate, Assessment sheet, Recipe cards, Pet cookie cutter, Gloves, Mask, and Graduation Certificate.

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