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STEM - Robotic Arm Workshop for Pri 5 - Sec 1!

STEM - Robotic Arm Workshop for Pri 5 - Sec 1!

STEM (an abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is an initiative by bringing Applied Learning to schools.​


Through these hands-on activities, we seek to raise students’ aspirations in pursuing STEM careers by building a bridge between textbook knowledge and real-world applications. ​ Students will learn the fundamental concepts of STEM, which will help them to apply the knowledge and appreciate the impact of STEM in everyday life.

Through this workshop, students will cultivate essential 21st Century competencies of:

  • Communication
  • Creative & Critical Thinking
  • Co-operation & Participation
  • Inquiry & Research
  • Problem-solving​.

For P5 - Sec 1 only.

Robotic Arm

There are plenty of repetitive and dangerous works in a factory. How can we minimise the risks that workers would encounter in a factory by using robot?

In this programme, students will be building a robotic arm structure using the STEM Plus Thematic Project materials. Students will explore how to get different results by changing the mechanism, the code, and playing with sizes and positioning of the servo motor that are controlled by a micro:bit .

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The workshop will be conducted online.

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Image Credit: Marshall Cavendish Education




Registration Required: 120 SGD (excluding ticketing fees)

Telephone number

+65 6213 9300