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3-Day Holiday Magic Camp

3-Day Holiday Magic Camp

Kien (more commonly known as Mr Bottle) also makes use of his experience in working with kids as well as his children, to come up with a system to teach magic to very young children weaving in life values like generosity, respect and perseverance.


Mr Bottle's Magic Academy has since booked by Kidzania Singapore, MOE (for their resilience programme) and Singapore Pools for 'Picnic at Istana'. 

Our 3-Day Holiday Magic Camp is happening in December 2020!

For the 1st hour of every lesson, we will be using selected lesson plans which we are known for. They are: 

  • Hongbao Surprise - (Value Taught: Empathy) Children learn how to multiply money (or change 1 object to another) using this utility prop.
  • Playdoh-tion - (Value Taught: Responsibility) Different coloured playdoh is shown and the audience chooses one. When the prediction box is opened, it turns out to be the correct one.
  • Magic Colouring - (Value Taught: Optimism) A black and white picture is shown. When the audience throws imaginary colours to it, it becomes colourful visibly.

Kids will make their own props so they understand the principles behind it (and learn the details of how to make it work.) There will be exercises on how the values are applied in magic and worksheets too. Kids are also encouraged to be creative and vary their presentations.

2nd hour uses Mr Bottle's Magic Set to learn how to perform the magic.

Parents can tune in to their performances via zoom. We will also record the kids' performance, which will be given to the parents after the lessons.


Image Credit: Mr Bottle's Kids Party




Face-to-face lesson (7-9 Dec): 280 SGD
Zoom Lesson (7-9 Dec): 140 SGD
Zoom Lesson (21-23 Dec): 140 SGD
Face-to-face lesson (21-23 Dec): 280 SGD
Zoom Lesson (27-29 Dec): 140 SGD
Face-to-face lesson (27-29 Dec): 280 SGD

Telephone number

+65 6515 5921



4 Queen's Rd #02-115, Singapore

How to get there?

2min's walk from Farrer Road MRT