Around the World Creative Zoom Workshops

Can’t travel? Let your children travel virtually with Mr Bottle’s creative craft workshops.


Great Wall of China Pop-Up Card^

  • Learn about the history of China and why the Great Wall of China is built.
  • Learn perspective drawing.
  • 11 Jun 3-4pm
  • $8

Eiffel Tower Paper Craft*

  • Do you know that Eiffel Tower was to be dismantled? Learn about the interesting history of this iconic tower when making this 3D paper craft.
  • Make a 3D model using the provided paper template.
  • 18 Jun 3-4pm
  • $18/set

Stone Henge Making*

  • Re-create how the people build it in olden times.
  • “Stone pieces” for kids to break apart using chisel and hammer.
  • 21 Jun 3-4:30pm
  • $28/set

Magical Travel Window*

  • Learn a cool magic trick in which you can make your dream destination appear magically!
  • 25 Jun 3-4:30pm
  • $48/set

Get all 4 workshops for only $79!
(Can’t make it on a certain day or time? We will send the recording to you!)

Suitable for children 7 years old and above.

^ Use your own materials

* Materials will be couriered to you.

Whatsapp +65 97397503 for more information.


Images Credit: Mr Bottle's Kids Party


18 June, time: 15:00-16:00
21 June, time: 15:00-16:30
25 June, time: 15:00-16:30.




Great Wall of China Pop-Up Card: 8 SGD
Eiffel Tower Paper Craft: 18 SGD
Stone Henge Making: 28 SGD
Magical Travel Window: 48 SGD
Combo Ticket for all 4 travel workshops: 79 SGD

As there will be courier needed for the latter 3 workshops, there may be additional fees for same day/next day delivery incurred.