Dice Explosion Magic Tricks

Dice Explosion Magic Tricks

How it looks like: The performer shows a clear container containing a single large die…with a quick shake, it magically explodes into smaller dice!


You can’t get a much easier and more visual effect than this magic dice trick! You can even hand the whole thing out to let your spectators examine the props, if you wish. (You’ll just need to perform a simple sleight.)

  • Super easy to do
  • Everything can be inspected after the effect
  • Very visual
  • Perfect for toddlers as young as 2 years old to do.
  • Spectator can watch from every angle.
  • Includes the gimmick and all necessary props to perform this.
  • Cheap (We know that there are sites selling as much as US$14.99! But we want it to be a good entry point for kids to learn something simple.)
  • Comes with video instruction.
  • We ship worldwide!

Dice Explosion magic trick is a simple yet amazing magic. This handy pocket magic is easy to bring around hence making it the perfect trick for beginners. Children as young as 2 years old can perform this magic!

Magic tricks are very popular with people with all ages. Dice Explosion magic trick is especially popular among younger kids because the only move they need to learn is just a shake up and down.

How it looks like: Audience sees 1 die in a transparent container. With one shake, the die instantly “explodes” into six to eight miniature dice! This is an easy trick that is perfect for beginners!

Use this as the first magic for kids to learn

A very simple hands-on magic with a surprising outcome requiring dices which is commonly found in boardgames. Hence this is a natural items for young kids to have.

This trick can be the starting point for them to learn more magic.

Magic is great to teach for children values on how to care for their props and understand what the spectator see and feel as from their point of view.


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