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Mr Bottle's Magic Academy lessons

After more than 5 years of planning, researching and testing, Mr Bottle is finally starting his magic academy after repeated requests from parents and friends!


“My son loved the lesson! Both my kids love to learn a magic or two and have tried to learn from books and kits but it is not easy. The school is a great idea,” commented Katherine Wee, a client of Mr Bottle and mother of 2.

What is so unique about the pedagogy of Mr Bottle’s Magic Academy?

Children make the magic props themselves – They are not spoon-fed! Kids not only understand the principles behind the magic, they can make alterations and create new ones using what they have learned! Very often, teachers will demonstrate variations of the same prop for them to experiment and try at home!

Children learn about values – Children are taught different values like empathy, generosity, perseverance and awareness while learning the magic. For instance, children need to understand from the spectators’ point of view to perform the magic and hence this value of empathy is emphasised during the lesson.

Fun Lessons – There are games, performances and other activities incorporate into the lessons to make it fun!

Children learn how to perform the magic! – Children will learn that magic is not just about secrets, but a lot of different elements like presentation, psychology and much more! The participants perform as a group to build up confidence. Once they are more confident, they can also do solo performances!

Well-designed home notes for parent-child interaction – Learning magic doesn’t stop outside the classroom. Parents are invited at the end of the lessons, so their children can perform for them. Participants are encouraged to practise and perform as much as they can. There is a checklist to guide the parents on points which the little magicians should take note of. They also incorporate fun facts about Math, Science, History and others into the notes so children can learn more about these topics the fun way!

So, what is so good about Magic?

Do you know that Nobel Prize winners are 22 times more likely to perform as actors, dancers or magicians? (Source: Adam Grant, Straits Times 7 Feb 2016) Why? Magic is probably the only art form which is multi-disciplinary; involving sciences, mathematic, psychology, theatre and many more!

The hands-on workshop is a fun session which the children will learn not only magic, they will also take home other skills like presentation, lateral thinking and creativity!

Brain power - Your child exercises many cognitive skills when learning a magic trick! From logical-thinking (what's the next step) to spatial awareness (how to stage the trick) to verbal reasoning (what to ask the audience), that's tons of brain muscles at work! Maximising these linguistic and cognitive abilities can support learning and enhance school performance and achievement.

Boost confidence - Performing on stage can be an incredibly daunting experience at first. With time and effort, young children can be guided to perform in the presence of their friends and family, and eventually in front of an unfamiliar audience. With each step, your child builds a sense of triumph and achievement, gains self-confidence and internalise a belief that "I can do it!". According to experts, positive self-esteem and self-confidence are the key ingredients to success in life.

Self-discipline - With magic, your little ones will invest in time and effort to perfect their craft. There just aren't any shortcuts in life! Not to mention that your little one is learning to focus and rule out environmental distractions. Mental concentration is the key to mastering a new skill.

Up social skills - When rehearsing and performing magic tricks, your child learns to interact with their peers and family. Approaching someone, asking spontaneous questions, thinking on the feet are just part and parcel of being a good performer. There are endless conversational skills to be gained along the way!

Seeing things from other's perspectives - To pull off a performance, young children need to think through the eyes of the audience. They learn to understand how others think and feel. These heightened senses will enhance their social relationships.




Trial Class: 10 SGD
10 Lesson Package (Free Registration, $100 discount + 1 free lesson): 0 SGD (Free Lesson on 12 or 26 June. First lesson start 24 July 3pm. Registration starter kit includes cape, hat, table mat, magic box, and progress booklet.)

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