Online Clown Show // Zoom Clown Performance

Online Clown Show // Zoom Clown Performance

Very stressed with your work from home (WFH) or home based learning (HBL)? Your kids can still celebrate with their friends during when they are stuck at home.


Bruno, Builder Clown has been clowning since 2007, He is a well known clown in Asia, equipped with balloon twisting balloon show, stilt-walker, juggling, mime skill and his specialization of children magic and variety show making him one of the best clowns in the Asia.

His client includes in many corporate companies and theme park that makes him one of the top entertainer, He performed in Malaysia, China  and Singapore. His first ever invitation to be part of the 2011 International Clown Festival held in Fuzhou China lead him to be invited to the various clown festivals all over China such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Beijing and Shanghai.

In year 2017,  Bruno was awarded as Best Funniest Duo Show in the Guangzhou International Clown Competition. His love and passion towards this craft shows in his performance. He connects with the heart of the audiences due to his dedication of his art.

Because this is done online, this is available worldwide. You can now book Bruno for birthday parties or events without having to fly him in!

Looking for online clown show performed via zoom? Let Bruno, the builder clown perform his raved interactive clown show remotely using technology via online meeting tools like zoom or google hangout (or any video conferencing app.)

Available worldwide!

Available in English only

Recommended age: 4 years and up.

Duration: 25min

Recommended for less than 10 screens. Un-mute the microphone so as to ensure maximum participation from everyone.

Use your own devices like iPad or laptop though we recommend participants to connect to the TV screen for maximum visibility.

Q: How many people can watch an online clown show?

A: Zoom allows up to 100 people. Obviously the smaller the number, the more interactive it is for those people. However, we tested and realized that any meeting room with more than 30 with password may experience difficulty in getting in on their laptops.

Q: Can you charge cheaper?

A: Let us know what your budget is! We do understand that it can be expensive if you are watching it alone. (Actually, on hindsight, it is cheap! We have client who book us for 1 kid and as you know our birthday magic show is already $460) Let us know and perhaps we can arrange another family to share this zoom clown show with you. That’s the power of technology. Since there is no transport cost involved, we are also open to having a shorter magic show for you too.

Q: Why are you charging so cheap?

A: We do understand that it is something very new for our customers but this may be the future of magic and entertainment. We want you to be an early adopter. Just like new things like Google, when you first used it, there weren’t any ads but now, it is a billion dollar company.

Q: Is zoom recommended?

A: Frankly, zoom is a little buggy as of now but children in Singapore are familiar with zoom having used for their Home-Based Learning so by using zoom, this reduces the learning curve needed on how to use the software when they are operating the system themselves. We are open to using other software like Google Meet and Microsoft teams as long as the children and families are good with it.

Q: Is this only for birthday parties?

A: We can definitely customise something to suit your event, be it a gift to cheer people up or a company family day event online.

Q: What else can I book for a party?

A: We also have zoom caricature, online magic show, zoom science show and workshops, interactive games, magic workshop and even a dinosaur party. Let us know the details of the party and we can customise something for you.


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Online Clown Show // Zoom Clown Performances: 120 SGD

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