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Arts in Your Neighbourhood 2020

Arts in Your Neighbourhood 2020

Arts in Your Neighbourhood (AYN), an initiative by the National Arts Council, brings enriching arts experiences right to your doorstep every March and November!


Enjoy immersive and engaging arts programmes by established artists and arts groups held at various spaces across the island.

From 12 - 29 November, AYN will be heading to Kallang and Geylang with exciting virtual performances and visual arts experiences, inspired by the history and people of these neighbourhoods!


From A to Z: The Adventures of Sol and Friends by Sweet Tooth

Curious what kind of fictional characters your friends would invent if they had the chance? Combining design and performance, this theatrical experience is just the space to find out. Join Sol and her 3 newly found adventure friends as they go on an exciting adventure to find Maxie, her best friend who gets blown away in a giant storm. Come see the 3 new characters that have been designed by our friends from the community, brought to life by Sweet Tooth. Making friends is part of life’s adventure!

District 14: 7 Kali Bah by P7:1SMA

See Geylang Serai through the eyes of its community, young and old. In this series of dance films and digital works, District 14: 7 Kali Bah takes on a ritualistic embodiment of memories and movements, tracing the dreamscapes of hijrah (“migration” in Malay) and ubah (“shifts” in Malay), and everything in between: the lost, the left behind, the collected, the step ahead.

Through workshops and engagement sessions across September and October 2020, P7:1SMA and their collaborators have collected stories, anecdotes and memories from the community to uncover what Geylang Serai means to them. Through seven rounds or silih berganti (“taking turns” in Malay), they used different media like writing, photography, sound, textile art, drawing, and traditional objects as stimuli for their choreography, inspiring a final contemporary dance film that is not to be missed.

Jelajah Bersama Kelana by Kelana Purba

Prepare to be blown away by the melding of vocal harmonies, percussion, movement and poetry, in this vibrant dikir barat showcase! This 3-part series of dikir barat (Malay traditional choral singing) performances, hosted by Samad the puppet, will introduce you to the significance of Geylang Serai, through new compositions inspired by the neighbourhood.

Stories On Site: The Kallang River Quest produced by Tusitala ft. Akshita Nanda

'Circuit breaker' has ended and you can finally play with your friends after a month. You receive a mysterious letter in the mailbox. It has strange symbols that look like clues. Where will this lead? Choose your own virtual adventure as you “walk” around Kallang River from the comfort of your own home. Explore new and familiar places that are rich in historical facts and filled with flora and fauna. Stories on Site is an interactive story game suitable for the young and the young at heart. Put on your virtual boots and thinking cap and try it out!

Brilliant Corners: The City Is Blooming by System Sovereign


  • Joo Chiat Complex
  • Geylang Park Connecter Underpass (Adjacent to Block 58 and 62 Dakota Crescent)
  • 330B Tanjong Katong Rd
  • 190 Tanjong Katong Rd
  • 1881 Tanjong Katong Rd

Geylang is home to over 100,000 residents, rich in its history of integrating newcomers to Singapore. The word “Geylang” is also believed to be come from Gelang Pasir or Gelang Laut, which is a type of edible creeper.

With this colourful heritage as their starting point, 5 artists have created vibrant art murals around the neighbourhood, inspired by the residents, the environment and their thoughts on nature.

Derived from micro-storis of the lives and people in Geylang collected through writing workshops with residents, these artists have also co-painted these murals with keen mural arts enthusiasts in a curated and safe process.

Featuring works by artists:

  • Ink & Clog
  • Didier Jaba Mathieu
  • Oak & Bindi
  • Kiat

Patterns Seeking by SYNDICATE

  • 12 - 29 Nov, 8.00pm - 9.30pm
  • Old Airport Road Hawker Centre
  • CLICK HERE for more info

What are the visual patterns of Singapore? Are there patterns which make us smile in these times? SYNDICATE got curious about patterns and motifs of daily Singaporean life, embarking on a co-creation process with the residents of Kallang to inspire their artworks for this light & sound display.

Head down to Old Airport Road Hawker Centre to be enthralled by a light projection display on the building itself, created with inspirations from Kallang.

SYNDICATE remixed residents' inputs and visual patterns observed from the daily life, setting the resulting artworks to original soundscape compositions. The video loops are being projected onto part of the iconic Old Airport Road Hawker Centre's facade.

Featuring works by:

  • Cherry Chan
  • Heider Ismail
  • Safuan Johari
  • William Chan

This programme is supported by Hexogon Solution Pte Ltd.

The Great Story of the Infinite Drawing by Elly Oldman (France)

  • 12 - 29 Nov
  • Jalan Besar Town Council (Wall facing Geylang Bahru)

It all started back in the Spring of 2017 with a crazy idea from young French illustrator Elly Oldman: stuck in her bed following an accident, she embarked on the creation of an endless drawing on Instagram: @theinfinitedrawing

200 Instagram posts, 15 meters of drawing and 18,000 followers later, she now works with French production company Electroni[k] on the creation of a giant and evolving interactive fresco, mixing drawing and augmented reality.

First exhibited at Rennes festival Maintenant, a festival dedicated to arts, music and new technologies, the fresco has come to Singapore this November, displayed on a wall in the Geylang Bahru neighbourhood like a giant puzzle. It tells an offbeat and almost philosophical tale with a universal ecological and environmental message, through a story of a girl and a robot where parallel worlds collapse one after the other and what is done to repair one threatens to make the others disappear.

Bring the family to the wall mural and scan the QR code for a fun Augmented Reality activity where the panels come to life, with additional animated illustrations by Singaporean artist Tobyato!

This programme is supported by the Embassy of France in Singapore, in conjunction with vOilah! France Singapore Festival.

Let’s Tour Kallang & Geylang

  • 12 - 29 Nov 
  • Wisma Geyland Serai, Joo Chiat Complex, Kallang CC

Gachapon machines and paper fortune tellers reminiscent of our childhood days will be our guides for this adventure around the Kallang and Geylang neighbourhood!

For this trip’s itinerary, we have five collectibles for you to gather (pins, keychains and magnets) which will bring us to different places in the area: from the old National Stadium that held many memorable football matches and our National Day parade, to the familiar and beloved shophouses of Geylang.

Let the paper fortune tellers take the wheel and decide your route to discover the many treasures of Kallang and Geylang!

Invisible Invincible by MySuperFuture Theatrical Productions hosted by Dwayne Lau

How much imagination can a person have?

When we exercise it, what will happen to our surroundings? Or what will happen to us?

Follow the story of two different individuals placed together to find friendship through a child’s play of powerful imagination. This theatrical performance explores the premise of invisibility through play and live music, while young audiences are invited to get involved in their own homes and play along with imaginary objects!

A Bitesize Of Astronomy by Bitesize Theatre Productions hosted by Dwayne Lau

Follow the journey of 3 angry sisters, Twinkle, Sunny and Luna, who venture out into space together to help their friend Rocky accomplish an important mission: Save the Earth! Through song and dance, they explore space and learn about the many mysterious objects in space! Will they succeed? Will they be able to set aside their differences and work together as a team? Come join them in their musical journey to help save the earth together!


Image & Video Credit: National Arts Council Singapore