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April Holiday Camp with Nature Explorers School

April Holiday Camp with Nature Explorers School

Our forest school camps are an opportunity for children to have a full day of fun spent in the great outdoors.


Our experienced coaches know how to set the right mood for the kids to open up and in no time, they will be looking around their environment trying to spot interesting plants or animals. It isn't so much about going to different locations and doing different things all the time but allowing children that time to get comfortable and play in the outdoors. This will be the building blocks for their long term character development. We want kids to be happy getting their feet wet in order to have fun; to be able to climb and use their hands, instead of being afraid of getting it dirty and not wanting to use them.

On top of their free play learning, we will try expose them to different nature-based activities so that they can learn skills along the way as well. Many children have attended our camps repeatedly because they enjoy the freedom during our camps and also the activities that we get them to do. Survival skills cannot be picked up just be doing it once or over a short term. Their level of proficiency will get better with more practice and as they mature.

Children and parents have always enjoyed our camps and you can see some of their glowing reviews here. We combine our knowledge of understanding the importance of child-led play and teaching skills to make learning fun. So don't miss out on this opportunity to let your child experience something magical and memorable during the school holidays!

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Price: 390 SGD

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+65 9847 1674



Pulau Ubin North Eastern Islands, Singapore