Newton Show @Novena

Newton Show @Novena

The "Newton Show" is the science club that offers new format of getting knowledge – Fun science!


Newton Show – is the international science show, operates 8 years in 4 countries in Europe, it is a science club, with new format of getting knowledge – FUN science! In club they do a lot of experiments and explore the world with kids from 3 to 13 year old! Kids do not just watch the spectacular experiments and amazing miracles, but they also take part in the shows themselves and get to feel like real scientists.

You have birthday or other occasion? Show is an exciting new format for children’s parties feasts! It’s a research laboratory where fantasy becomes reality!

You want to enrich your child during holiday break? World level holiday camp where kids receive a lot of science knowledge starts new season!

Your kids asking questions? Come to ticketing show! The more answers a child gets, the more he learns. Kids will do a lot of experiments, to understand how the world works. Club motivates kids to get new knowledge, makes them more engaged in study and gives a lot of interesting information about world around us!


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