Birthday Party @Newton Show

We bring you birthday party experience like no other in Singapore!


A lot of hands-on – kids love the format of the party!

Science Party

Do you want your child to experience what it’s like to be a real scientist? At our Science Party a lot of spectacular experiments and amazing discoveries are going to happen! Your child and his/her guests will conduct experiments, do hands-on activities and learn amazing facts from our professor!  

Science Shows:

  • Dry ice show
  • Polymers show
  • Nitrogen show
  • "All inclusive" show
  • Discoveries of physics and chemistry
  • Einstein show
  • Magic science show
  • Show for smallest

Themed Party

You know that science is a bit of magic? We can easily bring you to fairy world or lego magic world or you can flight on the Mars and back with us!  Kids still will learn a lot, as show is science show, but with their favorite character they will be even more engaged!   

Themed parties:

  • SPACE show
  • Superhero show
  • Paw patrol show
  • Harry Potter show
  • Trolls party
  • Little pony

 Quest Party

Do you want to join a real SPY school, where you will complete many tasks with one main goal - to identify WHO IS THE SPY? Or do you want to act as a real detective and carry out a real crime investigation? We have a mission for you - help us to catch the murderer!

  • Detective quest

A victim has been found and your group must discover the true identity of the killer! We have several suspects: Alpha, Charlie, Juliet, Mike, Oscar and Tango. We don't know anything about the victim, only that he knew in advance he would be killed and so left us a message...

  • SPY quest

Do you want to be a real 007 agent? We will show you many tricks to make your dream come true! Learn cyphers, dead-drops and surveillance techniques. Construct elaborate traps to stop your rivals.
A big project is waiting for you – with the help of science you will complete an investigation and decide who is the real SPY!..

Bubble Party

We have the newest equipment to make the best bubble shows in the city! We can offer 4 fantastic types of bubble show - for kids (suitable for birthday parties and family events), for adults (weddings, birthday parties, reunions, other adults events), as a stage show (corporate events, family days, holiday occasions), and NEW on the market – our NEON bubble show in the dark!

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