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Blue WaVe ECO-Ambassador

Blue WaVe ECO-Ambassador

Project Blue WaVe Eco-Ambassador workshop is back!


Join on 16 September, 10am-5pm at PAssion WaVe @ Marina Bay and learn more about the consequences of litter in waterways and how it can harm the aquatic system. 

Project Blue Wave is an initiative by PA Water Venue to bring Singaporeans together and build a sense of ownership towards environment through education on marine biodiversity and environment conversation.

The consequences of litter in waterways affect the water quality, harm the aquatic system & may indirectly end up in bodies through the seafood that we comsume. All need to play an active role to conserve the environment and protect the rich biodeversity at coasts and water bodies before it disappears for good.


  • Class-based Eco workshop
  • Land & Water-based kayaking clean up

To sign up call at +65 6247 7336


Credit: image of PA Water Venture



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