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(Postpone) Journey West: Mount Fiery

(Postpone) Journey West: Mount Fiery

Paper Monkey Theatre presents Journey West: Mount Fiery!


The fiery-tempered Princess Tie Shan owns a prized possession; a magical fan that could put out any fire. Sun Wukong the Monkey King, approached her to borrow the fan in order to put out the fire at Mount Fiery, so that the entourage could continue on their journey to the west. However, Princess Tie Shan bears a deep grudge with Wukong who in the past, have caused her to be separated from her son Hong Hai Er, and therefore refuses his request. How would Wukong carry on and lead his Master and fellow mates to cross Mount Fiery safely without the magical fan? Come and join us to find out more!

Mount Fiery is a modern adaptation of a classic tale where specially handcrafted Chinese Hand Puppets will bring this enchanting and meaningful tale alive!

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Price: 25 SGD

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