PlayFACTO School Open House

PlayFACTO School Open House

Join in island-wide Open-House and Experience the Happiest School in Singapore!


At PlayFACTO School, we provide comprehensive support through a holistic educational experience designed to nurture your child in every dimension. We are committed to inspire our students and community to flourish and make a positive difference through our education programmes.


Experience the Joy of PlayFACTO School

  • Bespoke Learning Environment

At PlayFACTO School, our learning environment is a hallmark feature. From classrooms to communal areas, each space is thoughtfully designed to create an atmosphere that truly feels like a ‘Home Away From Home’.

  • Bringing out the Finesse in Every Child

Our curriculum goes beyond homework coaching and spelling mastery, offering students a holistic after-school experience. Through diverse subjects and activities, we nurture critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration, and character.

  • Infusing Every Meal with Nourishment and Joy

We prioritise nutrition for children’s growth and development. Our central kitchen prepares wholesome meals from diverse cuisines, allowing students to enjoy global gourmet delights.

  • The PlayFACTO Touch

Our teachers prioritise not only academic growth but also social and emotional well-being.  Driven by passion and innovation, they create a supportive environment where every student feels valued and empowered to thrive.


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27 July, 03 August, 17 August, 31 August, See the website for the opening hours.





Telephone number

+65 9773 4336



695a E Coast Rd, Singapore