Get Involved! Art-Felt Thanks 2020

Get Involved! Art-Felt Thanks 2020

Get Involved! Art-Felt Thanks.


During this Circuit Breaker period, RMN has taken the initiative to invite everyone to engage in our Art-Felt Thanks event specially created as an opportunity to stay connected - as we encourage and give thanks to our beloved frontline workers; from doctors to food deliverers, nurses to supermarket workers keeping the country united, strong and safe!

Bearing in mind our three themes: Unity, Wellbeing & Thank you - How should we show our words of thanks and appreciation in the form of visuals? In what way can we express gratitude and love to those around us? Giving our kids an outlet to express a thankful appreciation in times like this helps them feel positive, relish good experiences, and improve their wellbeing.

Get creative and make use of the art materials readily available at your homes as you embrace your ideas and transform them into visualisation! #RMNArtFeltThanks

To participate:

  • Choose to either print the design template(s) or create your own as you let your creativity flow!
  • Use materials (eg: color pencils, markers, oil pastels, crayons, acrylic paint etc) to complete it and bring it to life.
  • Take a picture - whether in progress and/or the final product and upload through this event. We would love to see your process shots!
  • Do not forget to include the tag #RMNArtFeltThanks when uploading your works!
  • Rally with us as we collate these artworks filled with thoughtful messages and sow the seeds of support to our heroes in the community.

Theme 1: Thank you

  • How can one express appreciation and words of thanks especially to our service people during this global pandemic?

Theme 2: Unity

  • Let us all unite and do our part in keeping our country safe. Let's Fight This Together!

Theme 3: Wellbeing

  • As we protect and support the wellbeing of those surrounding us, let us not forget to improve our own wellbeing with positive thoughts and emotions.


Image Credit: Rush-Me-Not Art Studio


01 June, 09:00–18:00.