Seriously Keto

Seriously Keto

We are the Anti Sugar Sugar Club. Seriously Keto is a wonderland of all things sugar-free.


We are in the business of improving the overall wellbeing and quality of life for our peers, which begins with the omission of sugar from the everyday diet. Our highest priority is to provide products that embody both healthy nutrition and delicious taste. We hope that by providing a wide array of sugar-free products, we can show the general public that life can still be sweet without sugar. And with the increasingly large numbers of people getting diabetes, we hope to possibly aid in the prevention of this disease. Although it is not recommended for diabetics to be on a fully ketogenic diet, we are simply here to provide sugar-free alternatives so that those suffering from the condition can still enjoy life and its finer things. This ideology ties in seamlessly with the diabetic lifestyle, so that those with diabetes can still lead perfectly normal lives even with the condition.


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Mon–Sat 10:30–18:30.




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