Please note that this is an overdue event

Play as family to find SGD100k @ pandamart#HuntTheMouse

Singapore’s largest cash hunt, is back in full force in its fourth iteration and promises the easiest cash hunt yet.


One SGD50,000 gold coin and one hundred SGD500 silver coins of total value SGD100,000 are hidden in various spots across the island over 30 days. Players are recommended to follow the hints on Sqkii’s social media (Facebook, Instagram, Telegram) and real-time map on the game website to locate these coins and exchange them for cash.

“It’s been three years since we’ve had a fully physical hunt where players can search in-person and experience the thrill of finding coins everywhere around Singapore,” shares Mr Kenny Choy, co-
founder of Sqkii, the gamification company behind #HuntTheMouse. “We’re excited to bring families and friends back together again, and enable bond building through gameplay that is safe, fun, and rewarding.”

Supported by title sponsor foodpanda this year, the event promises to be the easiest cash hunt yet: Hints for the gold coin will be posted daily on social media. Circles on the in-game map, which indicate possible silver coin locations, will shrink every half an hour. Last but not least, and most importantly, the real-time map will also eliminate improbable gold coin locations at 10am, 2pm, and 6pm daily.

Players will also be able to get more hints simply by placing orders on pandamart, foodpanda’s online grocery store. From 9th March to 8th April, players simply need to add the scratch card into their cart when they order from pandamart. Players can scan the physical card that they will receive together with their pandamart order to earn in-game crystals, which can be used to obtain more hints on the locations of the coins. There will also be upsized crystal earning opportunities available for orders made on pandamart during certain periods, which will be revealed on foodpanda’s Instagram account.

“At foodpanda, we’re always looking to bring value to our customers in fresh and innovative ways. Launching pandamart in 2020 was us revolutionising the way that consumers get their groceries, and to-date, we remain as the only cloud grocery store in Singapore that can deliver groceries 24/7, within the hour. We’ve always wanted to build a fun grocery shopping experience and #HuntTheMouse is a great way for our customers to get even more value in an enjoyable way. We’re thrilled to be part of this popular nationwide game especially after the pandemic, and look forward to helping our customers be winners - both at the game and in the kitchen!” says Mr Judson Teo, Head of Marketing (New Verticals), foodpanda Singapore.

The viral cash hunt attracted more than half a million players over the 2017 to 2019 iterations, where players came in droves to search for the hidden gold coin. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the event took a hiatus in 2020, and pivoted to a hybrid model comprising both on- and offline mechanics in 2021.


Event is safe and suitable for families with children as the coins are:

1. not hidden in restricted zones

2. not hidden in places that will endanger safety

3. not hidden in places that require opening, dismantling or vandalising.

4. not hidden underwater.

5. not buried underground.



Over 100 coins are hidden in various parts of Singapore. First to find the coin redeems cash of corresponding value. There are:

  • 1 x SGD 50,000 gold coin
  • 100 x SGD 500 silver coins

Players can get visual hints on a real-time map to locate the coins. Circles on the map, which indicate possible locations of silver coins, will shrink every half an hour. The real-time map will also eliminate improbable gold coin locations at 10am, 2pm, and 6pm daily.


Hints for the gold coin will be posted daily on Sqkii’s Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram channel. Players can also perform brand actions by partners and participating merchants listed on the game website to earn crystals. These crystals can be used to obtain more gold coin hints, eliminate more gold coin locations, or shrink their selected silver coin circles to give them a competitive advantage over other players.


Image Credit: Sqkii