Arkki is an award-winning global global creative programme and School of Architecture for Children and Youth.


Our programme uses architecture and design as a medium to advance the development of critical thinking skills, creativity and learning of academic subjects (STEAM and beyond). 

Founded 30 years ago in Finland on the belief that architecture is a truly holistic and cross-curricular practice that effectively bridges sciences and humanities. Its inter-disciplinary nature also integrates the knowledge of STEAM subjects, and other competencies such as critical thinking, empathy, creativity and active problem solving.

Arkki is current present in more than 20 countries and has taught more than 30,000 children and youth worldwide! 
Our facilitors and creative coaches have architecture and design backgrounds and are further trained by Arkki Finland on its unique phenomenon-based pedagogy. 

In Singapore, Arkki is truly a first-of-its kind to offer long term, structured program based on modules for progressive learning. Our programs are suitable for individuals aged 7-18. Each module is designed for specific age group. Did you know that we have a total of 30 modules and more than 300 projects for step-by-step learning by children and youth!. We work with schools and also offer creative architecture workshops for children and youth during school holidays. 


Image Credit: Arkki


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