Baby Says

Baby Says

According to the World Health Organization, you should be starting your baby on solid foods at about 6 months.


This is the age when a baby's mouth, stomach, and intestines are mature enough to cope with foods other than milk. Hence moving from milk feeds to solids can be an exciting yet anxious, fun yet nerve-racking experience for both you and bub!

"Baby Says" is a series of virtual workshops that aim to support you and your bub overcome challenges & gain confidence during your BLW journey. Every workshop comes with hands-on food preparation tips!

"Baby Says" workshops breakdown:

  • Ready Set Go! : 11th July or 12th July

The beginning: How to start

  • Can I, can i not : 18th July or 19th July

What can babies eat & allergies

  • Schedule & Milk : 25th July or 26th July

Daily routine before & after the age of 1

  • Goodbye 3s : 1st Aug or 2nd Aug

3s = Salt, Sodium & Sugar

  • Sugar Unlimited : 8th Aug or 9th Aug

Substitute for sugar

  • Tooth Eruption : 15th Aug or 16th Aug

Teething phase

  • The Meatman : 22nd Aug or 23 Aug

All about meat

  • Salmon Says : 29th Aug or 30th Aug

All about seafood

A detailed breakdown of the topics covered, and what to prepare for hands-on preparation will be sent via email when you purchase any of the workshops.

Easy Recipes, BLW notes/ videos will be shared after every workshop.

Receive a goodie bag from us when you sign up for all sessions.

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15 August, 11:00–11:30
16 August, 16:00–16:30
22 August, 11:00–11:30
23 August, 16:00–16:30
29 August, 11:00–11:30
30 August, 16:00–16:30.


For parents


Baby Says (Individual): 8 SGD
Baby Says (Buy 3 + 1 Free): 24 SGD