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June 2019 Holiday Workshops@Utter Studio: Art School

June 2019 Holiday Workshops@Utter Studio: Art School

Come and learn how traditional oil painting techniques with us, minus the poisonous fumes from oil paints!


We only use acrylic paints in our air-con studio for the sake of our young students!

Sushi Fiesta

  • June 3, June 7 and June 25
  • 9 am - 12 nn   or   2 - 5pm
  • Age 5-12 years old

Super fun workshop and for sure your kids will have an amazing time making these stuff:

Come join us for a yummilicious afternoon as we create our own sushi and magically turn one of it into a usable bag to bring home! Who needs ugly shopping bags when you can make your very own Sushi Bag?!

Rainbow Forest

  • June 5, June 11 and June 26
  • 9 am - 12 nn   or   2 - 5pm
  • Age 7-15 years old

There's something magical about a rainbow forest...

Who says painting must be done with a brush only? Come and learn how to wield your painting knives with us! This colourful rainbow forest is completed 99% with just painting knives. Wana learn the secret? 

The Great Wave

  • June 6 and  June 12
  • 9 am - 12 nn   or   2 - 5pm
  • Age 8-15 years old

Turquoise seawater and lots foam... hmmm...

Let’s learn how to paint the great wave together. Get your paint brush ready as we let you in on the secrets to understanding the colours and forms of painting water!

Earth Hour

  • June  4 and  June 10
  • 9 am - 12 nn   or   2 - 5pm
  • Age 7-15 years old

And finally, let's paint our spaceship - Planet Earth

Come and learn how to paint our beautiful and magnificent Earth with us.

We will be teaching the kids the grisaille method used by old master oil painters!

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Image Credit: Utter Studio: Art School




Price: 100 SGD

Telephone number

+ 65 6612 0508



18a Jalan Kelulut Seletar Hills Estate, S809035

How to get there?

By buses 70, 70M, 50, 103 and 854. Stop at St. Vincent de Paul Church and walk to the nearby shophouses at Jalan Kelulut Street near Orchid Live Seafood and Pietro Ristorante Italiano