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Children's Recycled Art Competition

Children's Recycled Art Competition

We are pleased to announce that ViaRT Award, a children’s Recycled Art Competition, is back for its second edition in collaboration with National Environment Agency’s (NEA) "Say YES to Waste Less" campaign!


Focusing on the food and disposable waste problem in Singapore, our theme this year is titled ‘A Waste Beyond’. 

This art competition provides a platform to showcase students’ unique interpretation of the waste problem and seek to advocate good practices in them to reduce food waste and disposables. It also serves as an avenue for students to unleash their creativity potentials and hone their artistic skills. 

Educational documents and free live stream workshops will be provided to aid students in their masterpiece creation. Recycled materials and supplies are also available for students to pick up from our partner companies to incorporate into their artworks. 


Image Credit: ViaRT





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