9 3/4 cafe

The adorably named 9¾ Cafe is everything Potterheads could dream of – and thankfully, they don’t have to run into a brick wall to get there!


Decorated with genuine Harry Potter merchandise from the owners’ personal collection – everything from broomsticks and wands, to old spellbooks and even a sorting hat on the shelf, the cafe serves up Western-style dishes named after mythical themes and characters like The Dementor’s Kiss ($138), Forbidden Forest Aragog Salad ($72), and The Order of the Phoenix ($118). And of course, there are plenty of potions to keep the magic flowing, such as the Polyjuice Potion, Felix Felicis, and even an Amortentia love potion for $55 a pop. 

As an added touch, customers can pose for photos with magic wands and Potter-style glasses, as well as the famous half-disappearing trolley at Platform 9¾. So what are all you muggles waiting for? 


Image Credit: 9 3/4 cafe


星期一–星期日 12:00–21:00.


Minimum charge: 80 港元


+(852) 9432 6555



4/F, Prosper Commercial Building, 9 Yin Chong Street, Mong Kok