Baker & Bloom

Baker & Bloom

Baker & Bloom is an education center where young people are immersed in academic rigor, creative thinking, and intellectual curiosity.


They are a community that recognizes that in order to grow and develop their potential, students need motivation, guidance, and thoughtful feedback. So here you'll find supportive teachers and mentors, premium resources, and their unique Four-Leaf Approach to teaching and learning which nurture students to be the best they can be. 

Their mission is to enlighten, encourage, empower all learners. They foster creative confidence, optimal mindsets, and 21st-century skills so that students have the capacity to grow and innovate – and believe that they do. They hope to build a community that shares their vision of brighter, more meaningful ways of learning.

Their teachers and advisors work together to create an original, leading-edge curriculum that builds and extends understanding. They strive to offer personal mentorship during pivotal years of development.

Their unique Four-Leaf Approach targets the four key areas that power intellectual and social-emotional growth. These four fields of Language Arts & Communication, Learning to Learn, Creativity, and Leadership & Service prepare children for fulfilling and productive lives. The Four Leaves are the four areas that form their core curriculum. They integrate these into all courses but each course targets one field. 


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星期一–星期五 10:30–19:30, 星期六 09:00–17:00.


+(852) 2110 4788



1/F, China Hong Kong Tower, 8-12 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong


  • Located across from Pacific Place Three

  • Admiralty MTR station (5 min walk)