Summer Program 2024 STEM and Coding Summer Camps

Summer Program 2024 STEM and Coding Summer Camps

Discover our Summer STEM and Coding Camps that inspire kids to stand out and solve problems creatively! Join us to embark on a journey to master STEM coding, AI and robotics!


  1. Early enrolment before May 31: 20% off
  2. Private group class with flexible schedule: 15% off


  • AGES 6-9  |  STEM & CODING. Introduction to STEM. - Discover the inner workings of technology through coding, electronics and robotics projects!
  • AGES 7-11  |  CODING. Scratch for Beginners. - Code your own games! Learn coding concepts by creating fun games, stories and animations.
  • AGES 7-11  |  CODING. Intermediate Scratch - Develop advanced Scratch skills and programming concepts through creating different games
  • AGES 8-11  |  CODING & ROBOTICS. micro:bit Adventure - Explore the endless possibilities with BBC micro:bit to create your unique inventions.
  • AGES 8-11  |  CODING & ROBOTICS. micro:bit Adv. Challenge - Advanced Micro:bit Camps to explore the world of external sensors and build your inventions.
  • AGES 9-12  |  CODING. Make Your Own Apps. - Create mobile apps with MIT App Inventor and learn to deploy your apps on your phones!
  • AGES 9-12  |  DESIGN & ENGINEERING. 3D Inventions  - Master the 3D design skills, so you can make something not just for fun, but to solve real-life problems!
  • AGES 9-12  |  CODING & ROBOTICS. Magic of Arduino - Learn Arduino using C programming with design thinking to invent products for social innovations.
  • AGES 10-14  |  CODING. Artificial Intelligence Basics - Design your own AI applications using JavaScript with images, video, and audio inputs.
  • AGES 10-14  |  FUTURE TECH. Generative AI & ChatGPT - Create your AI-generated story using chatGPT and generative AI model, like stable diffusion.
  • AGES 11-14  |  CODING. Python Foundation - Embark on your Python coding journey here by building and designing fun python games.


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24 六月 - 30 八月, 瀏覽這個網站查看開放時間.




Room 906, Summit Insurance Building, 789 Nathan Road, Prince Edward, Kowloon, Hong Kong