Growing IQ HK

Growing IQ HK

Growing IQ supports pre-nursery to Primary 6 children to build strong mathematical foundations and powerful growth mindsets, focusing on hands on and experiential learning. They strive to ignite kids' curiosity and creativity to set them up as effective problem-solvers for the 21st Century and onwards.


In 2010, two dads in the US realized their children's struggles in learning Math. They wanted to find a better solution to help children understand Math, rather than just memorize it - like what many schools or Math learning centres focus on.

During their research, they found a group of educators in India who taught Math in innovative, creative, and most importantly, effective ways. Complex concepts were conveyed in a way that is simplified and applicable, which allowed children to comprehend. With this approach and the help of professional curriculum developers, Growing IQ was born.

Over the past 10 years, the curriculum has been recognized by academia and parents in the US as effective and innovative. Their curriculum is based on a growth mindset philosophy, which encourages children to not be afraid of making mistakes, but instead be curious on learning from them. Mistakes are seen as opportunities to learn with their experiential and inquiry-based learning method.

In February 2020, a Hong Kong-based mom, Monica and her daughter Chloe came to Silicon Valley during COVID19. Due to the time difference, Chloe was not able to access any zoom classes from her school. While Monica had to teach Chloe herself, she soon realized that Chloe had developed a real anxiety with math.

Thankfully, her mom-network in Palo Alto directed her to Growing IQ. After enrolling Chloe, Monica saw a dramatic improvement in her attitude towards Math and her skills in a very short amount of time. What’s more important is that Chloe's Math anxiety was gone. The program helped Chloe build confidence and a passion for learning and understanding Math.

Seeing this kind of change had motivated Monica to bring Growing IQ to Hong Kong: To continue Chloe’s mathematical learning advancement and so that other children could also benefit from the groundbreaking program. In October 2020, Growing IQ Hong Kong opened. 

Growing IQ's mission is to bring this innovative, creative and effective curriculum to children in Hong Kong. They want children to experience the fun of discovering Mathematics and to develop critical thinking skills that will serve them not just in their academic work but also in their everyday life and future careers.


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