Family Music Program.Step 3: Instrumental Program Cello/Violin/Viola/Piano (4+yrs)

Family Music Program.Step 3: Instrumental Program Cello/Violin/Viola/Piano (4+yrs)

Suzuki music is a wonderful opportunity for you and your child to learn music together!


  • Child-centered education.
    • Nurturing & Supportive Educational Philosophy.
  • Multiple learning styles (direct/observational).
  • Highly-Qualified Teachers.
  • Parents Participate too!
    • No musical experience necessary!
    • Parents learn to coach their child at home.
  • Performance Opportunities
  • Progressive Graduation Recitals – no stressful exams!
    • Students progress at their own pace!


  • Semi-private lessons scheduled Tuesday to Friday, please speak with director.
  • Beginner Group Class: Saturdays 930am, another may be added


  • $1100HKD per week for 2 classes plus concerts
  • Tuition is pro-rated from registration date.
  • 36-weeks per year (two 18-week terms)

Structure: Two Classes per Week

The instrumental program consists of two basic parts: semi-private lesson, called a “master class” (2 students & parents), and a group class (up to 15 students & parents). 

Throughout the year there will also be special events and concerts.

The Suzuki method is designed around ten repertoire books. These take approximately 10-12 years to complete if attendance is regular and practice is consistently of good quality. There will be ample opportunities for supplemental musical growth as your child grows.

Semi-Private “Master Class” Violon Lesson

The 55-minute master class lesson is a semi-private instrumental lesson. Children learn incredibly fast from each other, and the master class environment harnesses the power of both direct teacher instruction and in-direct observational learning.

Beginner masterclass lessons will normally have up to two students participating. When the student reaches a level that requires a 45-min lesson for themselves they will overlap with another student to observe.

What to Expect in Master Class Lessons:

  • Children and parents enter the room and prepare for the lesson.
  • Then the students alternate between actively learning together and taking turns with the teacher.
  • When it is not their active turn to stand in front of the teacher they should be prepared to sit quietly and read, colour, or do some other quiet activity. They are not required to sit perfectly still and watch, passively listening while doing a quiet activity is sufficient. They should be ready to rejoin the active lesson when called upon.
  • Parents should be prepared to take notes on both lessons and to attend their child as needed in during their observational phase.
  • Near the end of the lesson, there is time for parents to ask questions, review what their child needs to practice, and take a short lesson together to learn how to play the violin and help their child during daily home practice.

Group CLass Lessons

Group classes are held as a 45-minute ensemble class with ten or more students.

In this class students learn a range of age appropriate musical and general skills. Musically, they learn how to work together as a team since ensemble work is vital for string players (ie. orchestra/chamber music).

They also learn about musical elements, techniques, and skills best taught in a large group (how to blend, how to create group dynamics, listening for ensemble members etc.). Children also attend master class lessons. In the initial year, there will also be section of each group class reserved for the parents to learn together on their instruments.

What to Expect in Group Lessons: 

The children will take out their violins and line up to be tuned. Once tuned the students should take their spots and wait for the class to begin. Activities will focus on group dynamics instead of individual attention. If a child needs extra help the parent is welcome to come to their aid. Parents will generally sit on the sides of the room and take notes for home practice. Parents should also be ready to participate when called upon. During the initial period a portion of the beginner group class will be for parents to learn on their own instruments.

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星期六 09:30–10:15.




for 2 classes per week plus concerts: 1100 港元


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