Tai Yuen Street (Toy Street) & Cross Street Bazaar

Looking to add to your toy collection? Come to this long-established bazaar at the junction of Tai Yuen Street and Cross Street.


Apart from the array of daily goods, clothing and souvenirs sold for affordable prices in green hawking carts, Tai Yuen Street is also home to a cluster of shops with everything from classic local toys to the latest anime figures. The area near Wan Chai Road is an open-air wet market that is also worth a gander.

Getting hungry? Grab a bite at local cha chaan teng diners or one of the many eateries nearby.

Nostalgia alert! For those born before the 1980s, a walk down Tai Yuen Street is liable to bring on rushes of happy childhood memories. Some of the classic toys that were once made in Hong Kong and placed under Christmas trees around the world have survived here, nestled like treasures among the latest ‘thingamajigs’ that today’s kids go wild over.

Most toy manufacturing left Hong Kong for Mainland China in the 1980s, but the locals’ passion for kiddie collectables hasn’t died on this street, where everything from semi-precious limited edition figurines to the humble bottle of bubbles are available. This is also a great place to pick up festive decorations.

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Image Credit: Hong Kong Tourism Board


星期一–星期日 09:00–21:00.




+(852) 2508 1234



1 Tai Yuen St Wan Chai


MTR Wan Chai Station Exit A3. Walk for around two minutes.