Little Nature Pioneer Project

Little Nature Pioneer Project

Course Description: The "Little Nature Pioneer Project" is jointly planned by Nature Discovery Park and the Jane Goodall Association (Hong Kong) of the United Nations Peace Envoy Dr. Jane Goodall, and invites Hong Kong start-up social enterprises-"Beyond Vision Projects" and "AESIR" respectively Cooperated with the registered charity "Yuqiao Social Resources" to create a teaching kit rich in multi-sensory experience.
The courses are taught in the form of online learning, with a total of 4 groups of classrooms:

  • 4 groups of online classrooms-from shallow to deep, focusing on multiple sustainable development themes, including understanding the natural elements such as the earth, ocean and sky, and common species of flora and fauna in Hong Kong, and plants growth cycle, as well as basic concepts of environmental protection and resource recycling, such as the education the children how to practice green living, protect the environment and ecology.
  • Teaching kit-Nature Discovery Park storybook, tactile learning paper and sign language bilingual vocabulary learning kit.
  • E-Cert – Completion of 4 classes will get a certificate.

Course objectives: This course hopes that children can explore the mysteries of nature through a multi-sensory learning teaching kit, and improve environmental awareness and habits. It is also hoped to promote multiple values ​​of inclusiveness, cultivate empathy among children, promote social inclusion, and create Shared Value (Creating Shared Value CSV).

Language: English language

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13 七月 - 31 十二月, 瀏覽這個網站查看開放時間.




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