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Kids' Gallery

Creating all-rounded individuals


At the heart of all that Kid's Gallery does is the joy that the creative arts bring to all!
But of course there's whole lot of learning and skills development going on as well. The courses are tied into an overall learning framework, which represents goals across children's academic, cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development. Depending your child's interests and required skills development, KG has such a broad range of courses that they know they'll have the right course just for your kid!


In 2017 Kids' Gallery celebrated 21 years as Hong Kong's leading childrens' arts centre.
Kids' Gallery was founded in Hong Kong in 1996 as a unique concept in arts enrichment education for children. Today, Kids' Gallery operates centres in Hong Kong and China.
Kids’ Gallery started out as a small art studio making education much more interesting for Hong Kong children – encouraging them to have fun, discover new experiences, and explore all sorts of exciting and creative activities.
Now those first children all grown up and gone on to do amazing things – some are artists, dancers, actors, and singers – still more are lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, environmental engineers, and exploring a whole range of careers, some of which didn’t even exist when they first started at Kids’ Gallery. 21 years after Kids’ Gallery started, they’re proud of all their students who are growing up to become individual and original thinkers, and future leaders of the 21st Century.


Image Credit: Kids' Gallery Hong Kong


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