Creating your own football club!

Creating your own football club!

Creating and running your own football club can be a profitable business, but it also comes with many varied challenges.


In this 30 hour module learners put themselves in the boots of the manager of their own football club and take on the complex problem solving that comes with it. Safe in the support of a small learning team, students will use mathematical literacy to control a budget and their creative writing skills to keep their club in the papers. They will also develop their own branded merchandise, commission a mural and code a game to bring new fans on board. Gaining insights into the world’s most popular game on the way, students will expand their knowledge of the unique range of skills it takes to manage a business.

Maths and Science

  • Solving word problems involving the 4 operations
  • Working with percentages
  • Solving 2-step word problems with percentages
  • Rounding to the nearest 100,000
  • Performing mental estimations using large numbers
  • Using money

Language and Literacy

  • Listen and view with empathy and respect
  • Listen and view with a requirement to document and replay factual events
  • Process and interpret meaning from multiple sources
  • Interpret and create informational reports
  • Read aloud with fluency
  • Comprehend age level texts
  • Read a variety of texts and understand how grammar is used in context
  • Speak with accurate pronunciation and intonation
  • Plan and present ideas for purpose
  • Produce spontaneous and planned texts
  • Develop writing readiness and penmanship
  • Use accurate and consistent spelling
  • Develop, organise and express ideas in writing

Technology, Innovation and the Arts

  • Understand the relationship between healthy eating and energy for living things
  • Gather information and make informed links between visual qualities and intentions
  • Draw from observing visuals and the world around them to record ideas for art making
  • Understanding the impact of art on society and communities
  • Express their own thoughts through artwork
  • Discuss the intentions of their own artworks and interpret those of others
  • Discuss and relate international artworks to their own experiences
  • Coding in JavaScript to create dynamic objects
  • Understand the concepts behind creating a multiplayer game in JavaScript


Image Credit: Neobael


14 六月 - 25 六月, 時間: 15:30-18:30.