Feel the force (10 day camp)

Feel the force (10 day camp)

It’s easy to view forces and an impossibly complex physics concept, but they become much simpler when we explore what they can do!


In this module, learners start by working through a series of experiments to explore how we can measure force and incorporate our knowledge of forces into design.

Alongside, they explore the running blades used by world-class athletes, how humanitarian aid can be delivered by parachute and how we can present factual information using good literacy techniques.

Maths and Science

  • Calculate average and the relationship between the average, total number and the number of data

Language and Literacy

  • Factual recounts (e.g. news reports), information reports, explanations, expositions (simple debate)
  • Reviewing and proofreading

Technology, Innovation and the Arts

  • Using spreadsheets for statistical analysis
  • Exploring science concepts using design


Image Credit: Neobael


28 六月 - 9 七月, 時間: 16:00-19:00.




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