PMQ Taste Library

First and only food-themed library in Asia


Presented by PMQ and Hong Kong’s well-respected artist Craig Au Yeung Ying Chai as part of the resource centre, Taste Library holds a collection of three thousand books covering different food cultures from around the globe: from classic recipes to travel and living; from food history to cities’ food guides. With the great support from the librarian team of Hong Kong Design Centre, Taste Library is open to the public with the clearest and most user-friendly catalog.

The two thousand square-foot library is divided into three sections.

The magazine reading area is open to the public to discover about Taste Library and its food philosophy with the impressive magazine collections and the helpful introduction of our staff. The three reading rooms are set to be a homey environment where members can consume the all-rounded collections of international food literature. The open kitchen area is the most exciting and sparkling area that adjoins the reading rooms. Along with these, cross-platform educational and creative food events will also find a home in the library too – this is a library with unlimited flavour and possibility!


Image Credit: PMQ Taste Library


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