Piano (3-4yrs) @ SPRING

Piano (3-4yrs) @ SPRING

Laying the foundations


Piano@SPRING combines best practices adopted from the renowned Suzuki philosophy with traditional teaching methods to deliver a joyful learning experience that aims to instill a lifelong love of music.

  • Programme description

The programme is instrumental specific and starts at ages 3-4 where the foundations for formal piano training are laid in a group class setting. Children will learn about the structure of the piano, treble clef, bass clef, grand staff, curwen hand signs and solfege, dynamics, rhythms, tempos, performance etiquette and more.

A core belief of the programme is that parents play a vital role in the musical journey of a child; as such, parent participation is imperative during every class. The teacher, student and parent work as a team to help your child acquire the skills needed through encouragement and support.

  • Teacher’s Profile

Rebekah is a National Certified Music Teacher (NCTM), and has taught at Brigham Young University as a piano instructor in group and private lessons. She was the piano judge for the Arts and Music City Academy Piano Competition and the Encore Musicianship Technique Examination in 2009, and was highly favored by the Board of Trustees.

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