Whiz Kids Productions HK

Nowadays children are under tremendous pressure, both socially and academically. Our philosophy is based on the integration of two main elements:


Cooperative Learning & Positive Interdependence

Get the Whiz Kids off the couch and stay with us. With our professional and energetic staff, all our unique programmes are geared to: enhance self-confidence & self-esteem, gain better focus, match interests & energy levels

  1. Trinity College London Young Performers (YPC) (Aged 3-7)
  2. Dance Superstar (Aged 3-5, 6-9)
  3. Wow English(Level 1: Kindergarten, Level 2: Primary)
  4. Performing Star Junior (Aged 2-3)
  5. English Speech Festival Training (Level 1: Kindergarten Level 2: Primary)
  6. Summer Programme 2019


Image Credit: Whiz Kids Productions HK