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Curiosity is a Natural Motivator! Let’s Explore, We learn by trying!!!

Wonderlings was created from the need to establish a learning space where a child’s questions are encouraged, and their voices valued. Coming from this belief; that curiosity forms the base for natural motivation, we have chosen a teaching methodology that encompasses this. 

  • Approach to Education- Inquiry-based Methodology

Curious minds want to learn and for this reason, Wonderlings uses an Inquiry-based approach to education. Adopted by many international schools in Hong Kong as it encourages critical thinking, and problem-solving, it nurtures strong communication skills and is naturally motivating for learners of any age.

Our curriculum is created to be flexible in structure and theme to make it truly child-centred, but steady in objectives to build skill and knowledge. Propelled by children’s curiosity, our curriculum teaches skills needed for Communication and Dramatic Arts, while reinforcing how to learn and where to find the answers to their driving questions.

Our Curse- our physical classes run for 1 hour sessions and are divided into 3 Levels.

  • Level 1 - Age 3-4 (K1)
  • Level 2- Age 4-5    (K2)
  • Level 3- Age 5-6    (K3)

Communication Course
- Our Communication course is focused on giving learners the skills and opportunities to become effective communicators. Using their interests and curiosity in different subject matters as the driving force, learners will be presented with challenges, activities and

materials that will facilitate the need for communicating one-on-one and in front of small groups. This communication will be supported by language structures, vocabulary, literacy skills and pronunciation practice.

Dramatic Arts

- Our Dramatic Arts course is specifically designed to guide and facilitate the imaginations of students through play and storytelling. The course will focus on techniques like movement, music, dance, acting and much more. We encourage freedom in our bodies, thoughts and opinions. Expressing ourselves creatively  can build confident students that can be comfortable in social settings , critical thinking, problem solving, flexibility and a true love to find the beauty within ourselves." 



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