Bowling City

Bowling City outlets are strategically located in prestigious shopping centers, malls & universities (Abu Dhabi: Mariah Mall, Dubai: Deira City Centre, Al Ain: Al Ain Mall)


Bowling City contributes in generating footfall and adds value to these locations by playing its role as an Anchor Tenant, attracting substantial and varied clientele. Customers visit Bowling City due to its wide-ranging entertainment attractions: bowling, billiards, electronic gaming zone, and karaoke. Bowling City is supported by its sister company Momento Restaurants; serving unique Italian themed menu selection, fit for all customers. All of these activities under one roof make Bowling City the top notch indoor entertainment known for it's excellence. 

  • Bowling City is the largest private bowling investor in the UAE, with the greatest number of bowling lanes in the country.
  • Billiards is one of the leading activities at Bowling City, which boasts state-of-the-art tables specially customized for professionals & amateur enthusiasts.
  • Karaoke booths offer a place where talented people can combine enjoyment and singing practice:staying in tune and up-to-date with our impressive selection of the hottest hits and favorite songs.
  • Created to complement Bowling City’s unique concept, Momento is an exceptional food & beverage service chain.
  • Internet & electronic games are exciting activities that attract youngsters, teenagers, & young adults.

Bowling City management has the ambition to develop even more this type of business in UAE and abroad (GCC and Middle East countries).

Bowling City accommodates other type of Entertainment services such as cinemas and F.E.C.s, Nowadays Bowling City is an integral part of the retail mix of any new Mall and shopping center development.


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Opening hours

Mon–Sun 10:00–01:00.




Abu Dhabi

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