Enriching and Hearty Christmas Gifts for Kids

Published 10 December 2021 at 16:27

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Enriching and Hearty Christmas Gifts for Kids

It’s time for good ol’ holiday shopping! Check out the numerous options to choose from, and you can tell, it is so cool to be a kid these days! We’ve done the hard and time-consuming work for you and sifted through gifts that will delight any kid. So enjoy your saved time and nerves and get ready for Christmas in the most stress-free way!

I Am a Hero: Truly Personal Presents that Will Last Forever

If you look for an exceptional gift for a child who seems to have it all, a personalised book is an ultimate choice. Such a book may not only introduce your child to the fascinating world of reading but make them feel extraordinarily special.

This Christmas, I’m a hero, a company based in UAE, is prime and ready to bring you a custom book starring your child straight to your front door!

For years I'm a Hero has been putting their passion into stories to raise confident, imaginative, book-loving children. I’m a Hero’s carefully customised books engage readers in a unique tale. I'm a Hero makes you child the Hero of their own tale. A photo of their faces is printed on each page of the book and you can write a nice dedication on the first page of the book.

What is more, you can choose from 5 languages and enjoy your unique story in the language of your preference. To ensure that each book is long-lasting, I’m a Hero uses top-quality materials only: a hard cover, high-resolution printing, and laminated waterproof sheets. As each story is specially written and each illustration is designed to captivate little readers, books from I’m a Hero create lifelong happy memories your little one will treasure.

To encourage kids to find the heroes inside themselves and purchase an unforgettable one-in-a-million gift for them, check I Am a Hero’s official page.

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Dune: Bringing Christmas Cheer to Your Home

As kids get older, it becomes harder and harder to keep the magic of Christmas. If the holiday spirit is not burning as bright as it was when your kids were younger, there is a way to foster excitement and holiday joy! Transform your home into a Christmas wonderland by focusing on sounds, smells, and images associated with winter holidays - put old Christmas music, make hot chocolate, and light a special festive candle.

Original Christmas candles from Dune, a studio based in Abu Dhabi, will be the star of your table and turn your home into a Christmas holiday oasis for kids. For the overall effect to be even more spectacular, it is worth placing Christmas candles in other important places. Involve your children in Christmas decorating and place candles around your home together.

Dune’s Christmas candles will bring a dazzling glow and boost a festive atmosphere in your apartment.
Dune prides itself on producing high-quality and handcrafted candles that give a room a unique character. Carefully produced by artisans in our Abu Dhabi studio, each specially carved candle is completely individual. Custom your candle and show your beloved ones how much they mean to you by adding a picture, or a message from the heart.

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Individual Kits by My Discovery Lab

In 2016, Nichola Fisher, a fully qualified Science teacher and entrepreneur, created Rock it Science, the company that hosts science-themed birthday parties, educational workshops, and shows. This project was so successful that Nichola has been awarded the top entrepreneurial prize ‘Business Women of Tomorrow’ in 2016.

My Discovery Lab is another Nichola’s brainchild: here kids can make exciting science experiments at home with help of the different kits! What’s great, these experiments perfectly tie into the school curriculum and correspond to the principles of STEM learning.

Dinosaur Activity Box (165DHS +VAT) is a great discovery for young Paleontologists! Here, kids can make dinosaur egg fossils and keep hatched dinosaurs in a mini incubator, make instant snow and play with dinosaurs there… and much more!

SPA Box (165DHS +VAT) shows your Scientists how knowledge helps design beauty products. With its help, kids can make Fizzing Bath Bombs, Beautiful Bath Salts, Scented Soap, and Luscious Lip Balm.

Super Slime Box (165DHS +VAT) is all about exploring the properties of different slimes (yes, even slimes can be devoted to the service of Science!). Here, kids can create orbeez, cloud, and fluffy slimes.

And, to add more holiday vibes, My Discovery Lab offers festive kits: Light up festive card pack, Reindeer snot, Super spongy snow, and Candy cane slime. These are 50DHS +VAT per kit.

All these kits include a free Christmas card, so write what to include to this card and the gift is ready!

Contact: info@mydiscoverylab.com; tel. 0503948251

Fees: 165DHS +VAT per individual box; 50DHS +VAT per festive kit

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Present Pets by Toy Closet

Get ready for a Wow Effect present! Present Toys is an original self-unboxing puppy that paws her way out of the gift box to meet her new friends. Another surprise is who of two Fancy Pups is waiting for you in the gift box: Princess or Kweenie. Or, you can choose Glitter Pups: Cocoa and Casey. Still, no matter what Pet your kid will get, they both have beautiful expressive eyes, super soft fur, rose gold details on paws, ears, collar, and bow.

We’ve sifted through dozens of parents’ reviews and they all concur that kids adore Present Pets. Children love watching puppies doing funny and exciting things like wagging tails, shuffling paws, responding to voice, and playing games. By the way, Pets have more than 100 sounds and actions, so kids won’t get bored with them. Puppies recognize the owner’s voice, give kisses when cuddled, and become super excited when you tickle their tummies. You can hear the slurping and giggle, purring and snoring: and the process of discovering new possibilities of the puppy will be exciting and captivating!

Present Toys raise interactive toys to another level: you won’t find other toys that have the same amount of sounds and actions! And these Puppies are the perfect Christmas present: surprising, entertaining, and adorable!

Contact: Support@toycloset.me, WhatsApp

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The Left-Handed Crocheter

Unicorns are cute, but crocheted unicorns are even cuter! The Left-handed Crocheter is the place where the cuteness meter is going crazy. Afton, the owner of the shop and the author of the original patterns and toys, creates themed crochet toys that will win your heart, guaranteed! With help of yarn and crochet, Afton can recreate biblical scenes, make adorable Disney princesses, props for photoshoots, and custom figures! So, if you were looking for astonishing cuteness, you are on the spot.

These toys can serve as the perfect gift even for a newborn (check out the Instagram photos from the newborn photoshoots with the props by The Left-handed Crocheter, they are so touching!). They are made of eco-friendly materials, super soft, and pleasant to touch. 

Besides, it can be real salvation if you cannot find a toy of your kid’s favorite superhero. Here, for example, it is possible to order a figure of Black Panther, Batman, or Superman. Or, you can ask Afton to make a custom toy just for your kid. She even can make a toy version of your family pet! 

Also, here you can find cute Christmas decorations: from stars and angels to little Yoda! And, if you want to make such decorations or toys on your own, you can purchase Afton’s patterns at the Etsy shop 

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Teela’s Bestsellers

The Teela team makes all-out efforts to establish the idea that it is possible to learn while playing without the use of technologies. The products here combine surprise, different learning and creative activities, favorite heroes, and toys.

Teela Busy Bag (220 AED) is a great customized gift that will cheer any kid! This busy bag contains 10-12 surprise activities like Drawing Challenge Game, Fashion Sketching Book, DIY Bracelet, Puzzle, Bingo Game, Sand Coloring, and much more. These activities are sorted according to the age, gender, and hobby of your child. 

Teela Box (150 AED)  includes 6 toys and activities like Drawing, clay, lego, skill activities, challenging game concentration games, and much more. You can discuss your kid’s preferences with Teela representative in direct messages to make sure that the Box will catch your kid’s fancy.  

Teela On the Go Kit (177 AED) offers three types of activities: tape activity book, drawing board, and magnetic puzzle. This kit will preoccupy kids during transfers, short car trips, family visits, outings, and waiting times. The Kit has two variants, for boys and for girls.  

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