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CodeMonkey is an award-winning, fun and intuitive curriculum where students learn to code in real programming languages.


Courses navigate from using block-based coding into more advanced coding languages such as Python. Through game and project-based courses, students as young as 5 solve puzzles and build games and apps. The majority of CodeMonkey’s courses do not require prior coding experience to teach. It’s easy and fun! All courses are designed for school, extra-curricular and home-use.

Age: CodeMonkey is a great learning tool for all ages! The courses offer a full curriculum for grades K-8. Introducing code at an early age is recommended. Anyone can learn to code and learning can be fun.

Which courses can I access as part of my Trial

Trial subscriptions are a great introduction into CodeMonkey and some of the basic coding concepts covered throughout the platform.

Included in Home and Teacher trials:

  • Coding Adventure Part 1 : Through Challenge 30
  • CodeMonkey Jr.: Sequencing & Loops
  • Banana Tales Part 1 Python: Through Challenge 30
  • All of CodeMonkey Hour of Code Content

What computer science topics are covered? 

CodeMonkey covers universal coding concepts such as Objects, function calls, arguments, for loops, function definitions, boolean conditions, loops, variables, arrays, until loops, if and if-else conditions, boolean operators, keyboard and mouse events.

CodeMonkey’s coding curriculum is aligned with computer science standards, common core standards etc.

What programming languages dose CodeMonkey teach?

CodeMonkey covers text-based coding languages of CoffeeScript and Python.

The programming language used in Coding Adventure is called CoffeeScript. This programming language, similar to JavaScript, is used in the industry primarily for web applications. CodeMonkey chose this language for a few reasons, but mainly because of its friendly syntax. It closely resembles English, compared to other programming languages.

Coding Chatbots and Banana Tales use the programming language of Python, a widely used language that has easy syntax. Python is a general-purpose, versatile and popular programming language. Students learning Python, become one step closer to becoming real-world programmers in a high-tech world!

All plans include:

  • Block-based Coding Courses
  • Game Creation Courses
  • Mini Courses
  • Text-based Coding Courses
  • Game Builder
  • Future Releases

Plan Options:

1) Individual

  • Fees Starting at: US$6 /month
  • 1 Child Account
  • 1 Parent Account
  • Progress Tracking
  • Online Support

2) Family

  • Fees Starting at: US$12 /month
  • 3 Child Accounts
  • 1 Parent Account
  • Progress Tracking
  • Online Support

3) Home school

  • Fees: Starting at US$20 /month
  • 5 Students
  • 2 Teacher Accounts
  • Classroom Dashboard
  • Lesson Plans
  • Solutions for All Exercises
  • Online Support




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