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So, you're looking for a party venue? Let's be honest, your friends or family don't want the same old birthday, do they? For that matter, either do you!

Shake things up and try something different. Trust us, you will be the talk of the town after this party experience.

Entermission offers amazing virtual reality escape room adventures. It's the ultimate in unique party ideas and social VR designed to appeal to a wide audience, be it young kids, right up to dad's 60th birthday bash.

We're Dubai's ONLY VR with hand tracking and real-life special effects, where you work as a group to solve the puzzle within your 60 minute time frame. It's full of laughter and 'wow, this is cool' moments.

Enjoy your time with loved ones with the best virtual reality for birthday parties

The best virtual reality birthday parties are designed to be a shared experience. The majority of games may support teams of 6-8 players. Kids are rarely able to spend meaningful time with their families as their parents' work hours become more demanding. This is why, at every chance for sociability, mingling with loved ones becomes even more crucial. Escape rooms are the ideal solution for this.

Escape rooms lock you within a parallel universe, literally, without the continuous nagging of phones and other distractions. This chance for bonding also requires little effort on your part; all you have to do is be there and solve puzzles with your children. Because the best virtual reality birthday parties are meant to be adequately demanding for all age groups, even if the playing team is made up of adults and children, no one will lose out on having a good time.

If you decide you would like to bring your own cake or food, it's not a problem at all, just let us know in advance, so we are prepared.

We also take photos against the interactive photo wall and capture the memories while you are in the VR Escape room and party room. We think this is a fantastic party idea and experience and we hope you will immerse yourself in all the fun as well!

If you're interested in booking, just head down the page and fill in the form and our team will be in touch.




Best for ages 7+

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