Fitness isn’t a chore. Not when it’s done like this.


Fitness at FitRepublik is about these things: conquering, feeling good, triumphs, improving, games, sportsmanship, healthy rivalries, dynamism, sharing, endorphins, and laughing. It comes with that positive, slightly flirty feeling of sweating like an animal and feeling good about yourself. It comes from being empowered.
Sports thrive on trust. Team members need to trust each other, managers need to trust players, and even solo athletes trust the craftsmen, coaches, sponsors, and supporters to see them through.
Sport teaches us how determination works: how to summon it, how to hold on to it, how to use it reach your goals. And, once you’ve reached them, how to raise your sights even higher.
FitRepublik carries these lessons into the way it work: determined to improve, advance and excel at all times. This creates a culture where everyone believes they can.
Memberships in FitRepublik for juniors can either be single-discipline focused or can accommodate up to four different simultaneous activities ranging from aquatics, gymnastics, mixed martial arts and functional training offered on a term bases. Each term runs for approximately 3 months.


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Opening hours

Mon–Thu 05:30–23:00, Fri 05:30–21:01, Sat–Sun 05:30–23:00.


Junior strength & conditioning: CrossFit Kids / Bootcamp Kids / Junior Athlete Camp x1: 1700 AED (Pre-paid prices)
Junior strength & conditioning: CrossFit Kids / Bootcamp Kids / Junior Athlete Camp x2: 2000 AED (Pre-paid prices)
Unior strength & conditioning: CrossFit Kids / Bootcamp Kids / Junior Athlete Camp x3: 2400 AED (Pre-paid prices)
Unior strength & conditioning: rossFit Kids / Bootcamp Kids / Junior Athlete Camp x4: 2800 AED (Pre-paid prices)
Martial Arts x 1 a Week: 1700 AED (Pre-paid prices)
Martial Arts x 2 a Week: 2000 AED (Pre-paid prices)
Martial Arts x 3 a Week: 2400 AED (Pre-paid prices)
GYMNASTICS Baby Gymnastics: 1200 AED
Gymnastics: Recreational Beginners: 1500 AED
Gymnastics: Beginners: 2350 AED
Gymnastics: Open Advanced: 3000 AED
Gymnastics: Recreational Advanced: 3300 AED
Gymnastics: Advanced: 3650 AED
Gymnastics: Elite Kids Tumbling & Trampolining (Beginner) x1: 2350 AED
Gymnastics: Kids Tumbling & Trampolining (Advance) x3: 3650 AED
Aquatics: Babies x1: 1000 AED
Aquatics: Toddlers x1: 1000 AED
Aquatics: Learn to swim x1: 1350 AED
Aquatics: Transition x1: 1250 AED
Aquatics: Turtle Squad x1: 1400 AED
Aquatics: Seal Squad x1: 1500 AED
Aquatics: Junior Squad x2: 2000 AED
Aquatics: Recreational Age x3: 2500 AED
Aquatics: Recreational Youth x3: 2500 AED
Aquatics: Competition Junior x3: 2750 AED
Aquatics: Competition Age x3: 2850 AED
Aquatics: Competition Youth x3: 2950 AED
Aquatics: Olympic Development Squad x6: 3800 AED
Aquatics: Olympic Squad x9: 4800 AED


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FitRepublik Fitness Center The Academies, Dubai Sports City Dubai, UAE