Grassroots Soccer 4s

Grassroots Soccer 4s

After school activities providing and encouraging active lifestyle habits to last a lifetime through the art of coaching skills and fun soccer games

Holistic approach in trying to develop the whole person not just an athlete, teaching character connection, compassion, confidence and fun and enjoyment
Spreading youth sporting and fitness interests across many diverse sports and fitness activities by blending soccer movement skills with other movement skills from other sports like basketball , Rugby, skipping rope..... through the “sampling approach”.

Providing and encouraging a active lifestyle from an early age through provision of many diverse sports and other fitness activities in a non “competitive environment”.

Our vision is to provide basic movement skills for child development through fun football/soccer games. 

To run a consistent and sustainable after-school soccer development program providing children with opportunities to participate in recreational and fun small sided soccer games.


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Opening hours

Fri–Sat 08:00–00:00.


Grassroots ticket: 50 AED (AED 50 per session )
Grassroots ticket: 0 AED (12weeks package meeting once in a week on weekends )
Grassroots ticket : 2300 AED (AED 2300 yearly package )





Al Safa Park Sheik Zayed Road