Hatta Honey

Hatta Honey

From the high mountains of Hatta, its fertile plains, valleys and fresh dams, we proudly produce the best types of high quality UAE honey.


ANHB is one of the leading companies in the field of bees and its requirements, and specializes in the production of queens and beets and honey production in more than 5 Arab countries and the agent of more than 15 international companies to sell the requirements of manure, has achieved since the establishment of a remarkable prosperity, In a series of acquisitions and partnerships with honey producers in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and the Arab Republic of Egypt. The company owns and operates a large base of assets including production plants for queens of global breeds and bee cells.


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Opening hours

Mon–Sun 09:00–17:00.


+971 4 288 9588



Al Fay Road, Al Fay, Dubai