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Mucky Pups Classes

Mucky Pups Classes

Research suggests that sensory play helps support learning and creativity.


Sensory play supports language development, cognitive growth, fine / gross motor skills, problem solving / reasoning, and social interaction as well as being lots of fun!
As a mum, messy play has been a go to activity for me. My kids loved it and I loved the bonding, fun and exploration which it brought! My hope is to bring you the same enjoyment through my engaging weekly classes.
Sessions have been designed to engage your child and give them the opportunity to try some different activities that you may not want to do in your own home, so the best bit is that we clean up the mess!!
All little ones are different and sometimes it can take a few sessions to get used to messy play, but the benefits are SO worth it!
Classes have been designed with the support of a social worker and occupation therapist to ensure fun and engaging activities appropriate to your little one’s ages and stages of development.

Time: 9-10am for children 6-12 Months

Time 10.00 for children 1-3 Years



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