Kidz Palooza

Kidz Palooza is an reputable entertainment facility and more than just a play centre, Kidz Palooza is a place where children can have an enriching experience by playing and learning in a safe and clean environment whilst a parent could have some respite in the form of a grown-up space to chill out, read the newspaper, surf the net, have a meal or join a class with its child.

Kidz Palooza offer the perfect combination of fun and knowledge. Children of all ages can spend some time full of fun and games, at the same time they learn and discover. It is a place for the whole family, where everyone can feel comfortable.

Play Zones:

The Market. Learn through play about keeping ourselves healthy. The market section is designed to nurture creativity and imagination. The market inspires exploration and enrich children's lives in a way that's as engaging as playtime itself! If we eat lots of fruit and vegetables that are good for us we learn better and use our brains and think. 

Soft Playground. The multi-tiered soft play area is allowing children to play in a fun exciting environment and most importantly safe at all times. The equipment was designed and built by a leading European Manufacturer to stimulate and challenge children without compromising on highest quality and to meet international standards for safety. 

Toddler Town. Your kidz 3 years-old and younger have their own play area, so your whole family can have fun at Kidz Palooza. Our separate section is perfect for your toddlers who may still be a little unsteady on their feet. At Kidz Palooza, safety is our top priority.

Block Factory. In their eyes, it’s a toy. In their hands, it’s a tool.  LEGO® stimulate your children’s natural curiosity to explore together and learn through play. The safe, durable LEGO solutions letting them discover their own capabilities and acquiring fundamental skills for school readiness and for life.

Arcade. Our roundup of the best PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Wii games for kids has something for every age, from a FIFA®2016 to the new Super Mario Bros and more. Kidz can enjoy a wide and age appropriate  selection of the latest and greatest games by Sony PlayStation and Nintendo Wii.

Art Gallery. Whilst you relax over a cup of tea or latte and a slice of delicious cake or a light meal, your children are guided in exploring their creativity with an extensive range of fun activities. We have a wonderful range to paint and decorate with glitters and rhinestones. Be sure to pop into the Artists Corner for a creative adventure!

School Trips. With 4,500 square feet of education play at Kidz Palooza Dubai, the unique children entertainment center that is built on our primary goal to offer an exciting play environment that encourages an understanding and appreciation for family, self-identity, environment and sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and civic responsibility. Our facility includes theme-based zones with physical, imaginative and interactive activities that reinforce these values.

Kidz Palooza are here to assist you with your special requirements.
The team can customise your class trip to your learning objectives.

Hours of fun and learning include:

●  Story time and school related topics
●  Dress-up and role play
●  Arts and craft
●  Puppet show and fun-filled games
●  Cooking classes
●  Lego activities to stimulate the imagination
●  Lunch break and snacks


Credit: images of Kidz Palooza

Opening hours

Mon–Wed 09:00–22:00, Thu–Fri 09:00–12:00, Sat–Sun 09:00–22:00.


Unlimited play area access (Sundays-Wednesdays): 50 AED (only in September 2017)


+971 4 330 7101



Kidz Palooza, Times Square Center, 1st Floor, 47 4 B St Al Quoz, Dubai

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