SNF Development Center

SNF is a training center that offers personalized and professional care for young adults with special needs.


With a staff to student ratio of 1:3, the Special Needs Future Development Center offers focused training that is tailored to match the skill sets of each student. Its qualified and certified staff members offer a diverse set of training and development programmes to ensure holistic development of each student to fulfill our motto - 'Growing Up Confident'. The curriculum helps develop cognitive skills, safety skills, daily skills, visual, fine and gross motor skills, communication and social skills, vocational training and recreations skills.

As the only training center for individuals with special needs in Dubai that has no upper age limit, it accepts students above the age of 14 years and provides them with curricula specific to the students' needs.

SNF promotes independence and confidence amongst students by helping them become self-sufficient. SNF offers a range of training and development programmes in order to work towards its mission of integrating its students into the mainstream society. These programmes include behaviour modification, speech therapy, special education, reading and writing, art and computer and recreational activities. SNF's students also create handmade products under their own brand name 'it's Handmade'.


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Special Needs Future Development Center, 222, Karama Center, Al Karama, Dubai