Teach Me Wall Street

Teach Me Wall Street

Helping you understand Wall Street and things money and stock market related.


For adults, teens & everyone in-between.

Teach Me Wall Street offers engaging on-line classes that empowers teens, tweens and adults with real world knowledge about money, investing, trading and the role of Wall Street and banks - topics rarely covered in school.

Meet the Teacher, Annaline Dinkelmann.

Twelve years ago I left my Wall Street job and became a day trader. In January 2008, I turned my passion for the stock market and business into a successful walking tour business of Wall Street.

People love getting a tour guide who has a background in the finance industry. Why? Because I can successfully translate and navigate the world of finance for the layman.... breaking it down for students, their parents and teachers.

Due to Covid-19 people may not / cannot travel to New York. Other people do not want the hassle of organizing a trip to New York.

I have turned all my in-person classes, workshops and tours into virtual products.

I invite you to join me live for my virtual Camps and Classes.


Image Credit: Teach Me Wall Street